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February 18, 2008

♥ Sign Project: Critique

Here are my in progress images:

So far, I'm leaning towards the second wave image (with the claw wave). It shows a caution zone very effectively and I love how the gray offsets the image. The only thing that I would like to work on is the position of the figure. I think it would be more effective is to have him flipped in a more uncomfortable position. The first wave sign is okay just I really don't like the stylization of the waves and the figure looks very calm / relaxed.

As for the sushi signs, both of them are very effective and explain the place very clearly. I'm going to continue with working on the first one. It's more close-up and quicker to understand. As for fixing it, I'm thinking of adding a plate in the background with a brush (like the edge of a plate) and rearranging the sushi around for a more orderly scheme.

8:17 AM
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