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April 24, 2008

♥ Social Action Poster - Final Images

Here's my two finished images! So far I really like both of them, but I'm going to print the racing one. Reason? Well, I think the cruelties of greyhound racing aren't as well known as the euthanasia killings at humane societies. Hopefully by hanging this poster somewhere on the campus, someone will realize and try to fix what's going on. Or if anything, give a greyhound the home it deserves.

Edit: Symbolism of the Greyhound Racing Poster

This poster portrays the danger of greyhound racing. The first image shows the viewer an initial image of the greyhounds racing together. A closer inspection of the image portrays that the dogs are forced to wear metal harnesses covering their mouth as they race. The next image shows the greyhound as it should look- healthy and alive. The background of brown symbolizes the dirt track that the greyhounds are forced to run on, for the first three years of their life. Afterwards, most are shot to death on the same track due to their inability to race. The yellow stripes signify quick movement and caution (for example yellow yield signs). The font used at the header signifies solidity and strength. These characteristics are reflected in the greyhound's physic and movement (they are mostly muscle, with very little body fat). The font used for the fact and website illustrates knowledge and readability through the use of a serif.

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