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April 22, 2008

♥ Social Action Poster - Rough Drafts / Critique

This one really jumps out at me. I love the way the puppy seems to speak to you through the cage. The only thing that really bothers me on the design is the gray texture of the background. I kept messing around with different options but they all seem very busy. Also tried it without a texture and it looks too plain. *shrugs*

****critique: edit the bars and perspective of dog****

This one is along the same lines of the first one. I'm debating whether or not to draw the puppy by hand in illustrator or leave it as is. I just really would like to draw all the attention to the dog and right now it seems to fade into the background.

****critique: use font from first poster on the homeless part of this one, decrease size of info at bottom, very effective****

This poster is an informational one on a little known fact of greyhound racing. I would like to find a more "racing" style font (like maybe imitate Nascar's logo?).

****critique: very professional (yayers!), use a more block style italic styled font. All caps for the header, some caps on the "for their lives", add a reference link to a greyhound rescue.****

After the critique, I decided to go along with the greyhound one. Hopefully it turns out alright. =)

11:42 PM
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