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May 02, 2008

♥ Identity System: Rough Drafts / Critique

Here are my images for the identity system project. My goal is to use the initials of my full name, Christina Marie Lucia Cordina towards a logo which represents me. My goals in the future are to graphic design for a theme park (ride design/ imaginer) or to put my skills towards an advertising firm. Characteristics of myself are:
- creative
- animated
- outgoing
- determined
- techie
- bright
- sunny/cheerful

***if you have any characteristics I should add, let me know!!!***

The 3rd. 4th and 5th are most successful. On the 4th, decrease the size of the L, add legs to the m (so it doesn't look like a v) and center the letters. On the 5th, increase emphasis on the c's by size, decrease the M L, increase the opacity of the digital graphics text at bottom.

9:32 AM
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